Meeting of the UECB Moscow Regional Church Ministers

Meeting of the UECB Moscow Regional Church Ministers

On April 6, 2019, the reoccurring meeting of church servants of the UECB of the Moscow Region took place.

The meeting was held in Mytischi. Alexey Pichugin, senior presbyter of the union of the churches of the ECB of the Moscow region, gave a detailed report on the recent Council of the Russian Union of UECB held recently in Moscow, and answered the questions of the brothers. When discussing current affairs of the Union, special attention was paid to the importance of maintaining unity and good relations between local churches. 

This time the subject of discussion was the subject of church discipline. On the basis of the Holy Scripture, such measures of biblical discipline such as admonition, reproof, talking of those who had committed a remark, or excommunication from the church were considered in detail. 

This meeting was also attended by one of the oldest ministers of our fraternity, Walter A. Mitskevich, a blessed pastor with many years of ministry experience.     At the conclusion of the meeting, Nikolai N. Maslyakov, the Deputy Chairman of the UECB in the Central Federal District, blessed the time with prayer and wished the brothers success in their spiritual work in the field of God.

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