“Gospel Culture: Past and Present”, just published by Vladimir Popov

“Gospel Culture: Past and Present”, just published by Vladimir Popov

There are a great many definitions of what is culture. In general, it can be formulated as follows: "Culture is a collection of spiritual and material achievements that humanity has produced throughout its history."

Christian culture, as is known, entered the heart and soul of the Slavic countries, Europe, America and many other parts of the planet. One way or another, every Christian denomination brought something and brings it to the general cultural background of humanity. Christians of evangelical confessions, following Christ and serving Him, also create peculiar cultural values.

This Russian Language book precisely contains a set of factual material showing the spiritual and cultural creativity of those representing the evangelical churches of Slavic countries.

The epoch of globalization, when the whole world, in fact, turns into one big “village”, gives rise to the tendency to erase and level cultural features even in a Christian environment. In this situation there is a need to take steps to preserve personal and confessional identity.

The author would like to show the peculiarities of the Slavic school of preaching, the specific characteristics of the music and singing ministry, spiritual traditions, the preservation of their own identity, dignity and culture during the persecutions under the tsarist and Soviet regimes.

The second part of the book is devoted to conversations with creative people whose talents have grown in a Christian, nurturing environment. Perspectives from pastors, theologians, writers, musicians, and missionaries reflect a unique spiritual and cultural experience, which can be used as a guideline for the development of gospel ministry.

In the final part, the reader will find reviews of some of the books written by authors, which raise important issues of spiritual life.

The book was published thanks to the publishing house of the international organization: Mission Eurasia. Book ordering at: pavelt@missioneurasia.org

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