Yakutsk – Ministry Meetings & Women’s Conference

Yakutsk – Ministry Meetings & Women’s Conference

UECB Vice President, Victor Ignatenko traveled to Yakutsk September 28-29, 2019 to meet with regional Far East Pastor, Victor Zaitsev, local church leaders and U.S. pastor, Eric Mock. The local pastors reported the state of affairs in the churches of the republic.

Coinciding with these meetings, a Women’s Conference was being held at the Central UECB church in Yakutsk, entitled "Beloved of God," with over 100 sisters in attendance, directed by regional leader, Stanislav Efimov. During the conference, issues related to the life and ministry of the ladies were discussed: social service, family relations, ministry of singleness, and dedicating oneself to holiness. Prayer ministry development strategies were discussed. Victor Ignatenko gave reports on the development of ministry among orphans and social ministries in churches. Victor Zaitsev gave a message on the topic of family life. Eric Mock shared his personal experience of combining the roles of husband, father and minister in missions. These brothers also answered many questions of the conference participants, encouraging them all to continue walking in the grace and love of God.

On Sunday, the leaders and guests took part in church worship services in the city of Yakutsk, blessing all those who were in attendance. Afterwards, cultural tourist activities were organized, with a visit to the museum "The Kingdom of Perpetual Permafrost" and other attractions of the city.

The churches and their ministers were truly grateful for the loving attention shown to them, for the instruction received, and for sincere Christian fellowship They also expressed their hope of more visits, communication and meetings, as well as for closer cooperation with other regions of Russia.

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