Consecrating the Ryazan House of Prayer

Consecrating the Ryazan House of Prayer

On December 8, 2019, the consecration of the prayer house in Ryazan took place.

“Hope” Church in Ryazan from Evangelical Christians-Baptists held a celebration service consecrating the new House of Prayer. Since its founding, this church held its services in a rented office building on the ground floor of a nine-story building. 

All believers understand the desire to have their own building with which to have freedom to hold meetings, services, conferences and more. To reach this goal, there are many hurdles to overcome, and Hope Church has traversed this path courageously and successfully. For four years, construction was underway, with much work, sacrifice, moments of prayer, unrest, trials, lack of strength and financial means. Yet, at the same time, God's blessings, the evidence of the values ​​of brotherhood, and the help of friends, inspired the church to press forward and work actively.

The joy of Hope Church became infectious among other Ryazan region churches and neighboring regions, as a group from the city of Maykop with Dmitry Kadatsky (Regional pastor of the Krasnodar Territory) provided significant help in the construction process. Among the guests was the deputy director of the Bible mission of the Moscow office, Viktor Baranov. From the UECB, Vice President Victor Ignatenkov took part in the service, which lasted 3 ½  hours, but it seemed very short to everyone. This was the first service in the completed building. The service was led by the Ryazan Regional Pastor, Andrei Krylov, which was very interesting and instructive. The history of construction was presented, Ignatenkov and Kadatsky gave sermons, and many musical groups blessed everyone with their offerings of praise. Congratulations were given and different gifts were presented to the church. Among the thankfulness given, the head pastor for Hope Church, Pavel Zhirov, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the guests for their kind words of greeting and congratulations, as well as for participating in this joyous event. May the Lord be glorified in His people and in this building for the good of all people in the Ryazan community.

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