10th Annual Christian Day Camp in Novocherkassk – Not Cancelled!

10th Annual Christian Day Camp in Novocherkassk – Not Cancelled!

For the tenth year in a row, a Christian day camp for children from non-believing families was held in the UECB church in Novocherkassk city in the Donskoy microdistrict.

What does it mean to be a patriot of your country? Learn trendy slogans? Wearing a tricolor cap? Singing the national anthem in the stadium? Evangelical Baptist Christians of the Novocherkassk Church believe that love for the Motherland should be manifested not only in words, but most of all in deeds, in loving their community.

It has become a good tradition and blessing to hold a Christian summer day camp for dozens of children and adult non-believers for the tenth year in a row, in the town of Donskoy. Every year, its program is coordinated with the City Hall, and its core becomes joint work on the improvement of the community. This year, the team assembled everything together in the park in front of the Administrative buildings. Those who take part in such good deeds then tell others that for a long time, thanks to their efforts, a corner of their hometown has changed. This is the highlight of the project, through which believers convey to children and their parents the gospel truths about love for God, His creation, and neighbor.

Unfortunately, this year the team from Minsk was not able to come, who traditionally helped us begin and yearly help us hold the camps. The group of inflatable trampolines was brought by believers from Simferopol - and everything else we planned for the children turned out to be wonderful!

The children listened with great interest to the safety lessons held by representatives of the fire department and the Ministry of Emergencies. There is a good reason why first responders are considered important workers of a most necessary profession, because as Jewish wisdom says: “Whoever saved one life saved the whole world.”

Special thanks go to the Administration of the town of Donskoy, which is always willing to help in the initiatives of the UECB church, supporting them, and so contributing to the work of evangelism.

The current situation associated with the pandemic and quarantine has once again proved that there are no barriers for the work of God and His Word. When hearts burn with the desire to serve the Lord, He Himself opens the doors to the offices of chiefs and to the homes of unbelievers. Our task: always and in everything to remain faithful servants of Jesus Christ!

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