Ordination of Ministers in Nizhny Novgorod UECB Church

Ordination of Ministers in Nizhny Novgorod UECB Church

September 13, 2020 marked a beautiful day in the life of the Central Baptist Church in Nizhny Novgorod. The celebration service was held to dedicate six men to the office of deacon.

Invitations were sent from the local pastor Viktor Palenyi, to Vice President Viktor Ignatenkov and a pastor from Golgotha Church in Moscow, Sergei Belov, of which they also took part in this momentus event.

The service was accompanied by various musical pieces, with the participation of a choir and different musical groups. This church is rich in gifted musicians and singers. The distinguished guests, Ignatenko and Belov, addressed the worshipers with instructive sermons, reminding everyone the purpose of God’s plan of leadership and their role in benefiting the church’s ministry of gospel proclamation.

A joyful atmosphere was evident by everyone and thanksgiving to God for His mercies was offered many times throughout different prayers. Future blessings were also entreated to the Lord, for the upcoming work and projects of the church.

As is Russian Baptist custom, hands were laid on each newly appointed deacon of the church, and prayer was made for them, their family, ministry and God’s blessing. With the guests Ignatenkov and Belov, other local pastors including pastor Palenyi and Sergei Nekrasov (city – Gorodets) also participated in this serious dedication.

The church congratulated its new deacons with kind words, helpful advice, small gifts and bouquets of flowers. After this, the different ministers of the church met with Victor Ignatenkov, during which, he shared information about the life of the entire Baptist brotherhood, recalled the need for more active church participation in the region, and also answered many questions from those in attendance.

Ordination of Ministers in Nizhny Novgorod UECB Church
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