Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks to God for the Harvest!

Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks to God for the Harvest!

At the end of September, UECB churches traditionally celebrate the Harvest Day. This colorful and instructive holiday attracts the attention of both believers and non-believers.

The Feast of First Fruits or Harvest is one of the oldest holidays commanded by God in Scripture. Due to its nature, it must be not only Christian, but nationwide. More than 3 thousand years ago, the Lord gave an ordinance to his people to include in their annual calendar the feast of the harvest: "Observe the Feast of Harvest, of the firstfruits of your labor, of what you sow in the field. You shall keep the Feast of Ingathering at the end of the year, when you gather in from the field the fruit of your labor. "(Ex. 23:16)

This holiday is of great importance:

1. It draws out eyes upward, bringing our attention to the character of God and His abundant gifts, encouraging our gratitude.

2. It points us to work in earthly and spiritual fields.

3. It helps us to evaluate our work and efforts by the achieved results.

4. It directs our gaze to the future when we bring the fruits of our earthly labors to the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven and, as a result, helps us to prioritize our lives.

We sincerely congratulate you on the holiday of the Harvest. Let us thank our Lord for the harvest in our fields, for the spiritual bread, and that His blessings continue to pour out in abundance on our country and the whole earth.

We wish every church a flood of God's blessings through this holiday and new inspiration to every Christian.

Peter Mitskevich (Pres)

Victor Ignatenkov (VP)

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