"Family Education" - Promoting Your Families Relationship Health

"Family Education" - Promoting Your Families Relationship Health

The Theological Seminary, a subsidiary of the Moscow Theological Seminary of Evangelical Christians-Baptists, invites you to a family education program.

We all need the support of the Lord and each other to get through this pandemic era. Families may experience many difficulties and ask hard questions like:

- How do we overcome stress without withdrawing into yourself or unleashing anger on loved ones?

- Will our children be successful academically as we clumsily try to educate them on different learning platforms?

- How can spouses become one team in order to successfully cope with the emotional stress, uncertainty and increasing responsibilities?

In our program, participants will receive:

- Biblical knowledge and wisdom about how to harmonize family life under stress;

- the necessary knowledge about developmental psychology and parenting strategies;

- will expand the practical experience using dialogue skills and communication;

- support from specialists in solving complex issues of education;

- ideas for spending family leisure time, forming Christian traditions, developing family worship and ministry in the church.


MODULE 1: Fundamentals of developmental psychology and parent-child relationships

Start date: November 9-13, 2020

Presenters: Mikhail and Nadia Telepov, well-known authors of many books, certified Christian counseling psychologists with rich experience in ministry.


MODULE 2: Family education teaching fundamentals and Christian family culture

Start date: 1 - 5 March 2021

Moderators: graduates - teachers of the Theological Seminary.

Those who have mastered the entire course will be issued a "Certificate of Advanced Training" (if student possesses a Masters degree) or "Certificate of Additional Education" (in the absence of a Masters degree) under the program "Fundamentals of developmental psychology and pedagogy for parents of students.


The cost of each module: 3000 rubles ($40).

More information:  https : // seminary . moscow  or  https : // mbs . ru

Call: 8-495-730-35-80 Write to: secretary @ mbs . ru

Apply: https://seminary.moscow/index.php?r=entrant/registeronline#OVP-1

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