Syktyvkar Baptists Ready to Provide Covid Space

Syktyvkar Baptists Ready to Provide Covid Space

Syktyvkar Baptists have offered assistance to the Komi Ministry of Health. According to their website, they said they could donate the church building for coronavirus patients.

The Baptist church noted that they are trying to comply with established measures and restrictions, and therefore, have temporarily suspended Sunday school and Sunday in person services. So, in the event of a shortage of areas for neighborhood medical aid points, storage places for medicines, equipment, or space for backup placement of those who are ill, the church is ready to allocate 800 square meters (8,611 sq/ft) on the first floor of the worship building on a temporary and free basis. If help is needed, Baptists ask to contact the church secretary.

“The building is located in a park, in the city center, which has high transport accessibility for the public. On this floor there are bathrooms, places for eating, separate offices. In case there is need for cool storage areas, we are ready to consider allocating space for these purposes on the third floor.” - Church leadership

As of November 7, 2020 15,062 new cases of coronavirus infection were laboratory confirmed in the region. All those infected are under medical supervision and undergoing treatment.  10,804 people have recovered. In total, 245 patients have died since the beginning of the pandemic.

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