A testimony from Sergei Naboychenko, Regional UECB Head Pastor of the Kaluga Region and local pastor.
The Youth Department is pleased to announce the launch of a new video series of lessons - the School of Evangelism
Today, more than ever, the church faces the enormous task of connecting generations that are distinguished from each other by worldview, information, agenda, technology and much more. In response to this need, the youth ministry is launching a new format of interviews with older big brother pastors, in order to help the new generation of Christians get to know the older generation better. We want to show how God formed, how He taught, how He influenced them, what decisions they made, and what situations they lived through. By this we will better understand the men we call “elders” in our churches.
On January 19, 2021, in the UECB Moscow Central Baptist Church, 15 people entered into a Covenant with the Lord by water baptism. 14 people (10 sisters and 4 brothers) from Central Church and one sister from Novo-Tushenskaya Church. This was a special day for them as they made a promise to God with a good conscience.
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