The Lipetsk regional Church of the UECB (Union of Evangelical Christians – Baptist) named “Consolation” has been waiting for this event for a long time. Several years of earnest praying, preparing a whole series of sermons on this topic, membership meetings and the selection of brothers for the very important ministry of the community ... And now this day has come.
The UECB Baptist leadership and countless believers of various denominations have expressed their shock and bewilderment over the actions of local Novorossiysk law enforcement authorities, which caused serious damage to the body of believers in the town of Verkhnebakansky, by sealing the house on July 7, where they held their worship services.
June 28- 30, 2019, a celebratory Conference was held, dedicated to the 100 year anniversary of Russian-Ukrainian Union Society in America.
Starting July 28, we will go on a Youth Missionary Tour throughout cities of Russia! We will drive to 14 cities in 19 days!
In May 2019, the Kirnev missionary trip to Africa took place. Sergey Kirnev is the general producer of the Kirnev organization, an evangelizer and organizer of evangelistic events in Europe, Asia Minor and the Middle East. The family organization was founded in 2006 in Chisinau, Moldova. This is the post-interview of their mission’s journey.
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