Dmitry Pavlov, pastor & head of Island Rehabilitation Center in the city of Priozersk, St. Petersburg Region).
We are pleased to share with you how the sixth session of the Women’s Education Center in Krasnodar took place under the “Growth” program, on June 26-27, 2020.
The association of UECB churches in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region are preparing documents to sue the owners of the Electro-appliance factory, to gain the right of unhindered access to their rightful dilapidated church building by establishing an easement. As it now stands, the territory is surrounded by a high fence. The four-story church, built in 1911 by Baptists on Vasilevskiy Island (St. Petersburg) will take at least $3 million to restore, which they are ready to collect and begin, but the believers simply cannot get to their building.
During the period of quarantine and self-isolation, a UECB church in Istra has been actively participating in social ministry, helping those who need support in this difficult time, led by pastor Vladislav Vovk. Here is a personal interview with him...
Celebrating the 75th anniversary of Victory over Nazi Germany in World War II
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