June 28- 30, 2019, a celebratory Conference was held, dedicated to the 100 year anniversary of Russian-Ukrainian Union Society in America.
In May 2019, the Kirnev missionary trip to Africa took place. Sergey Kirnev is the general producer of the Kirnev organization, an evangelizer and organizer of evangelistic events in Europe, Asia Minor and the Middle East. The family organization was founded in 2006 in Chisinau, Moldova. This is the post-interview of their mission’s journey.
The Komi Republic Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of the Ukhta Christian - Baptists, to officially commission the newly constructed church building. City authorities denied permission to do this and the court recognized the actions of the municipal authorities as legitimate. Now the Baptists intend to appeal to the higher Constitutional Court of Russia.
On June 15, 2019, the traditional summer baptism in the river took place for Russian Baptist churches of Moscow. Eighteen people were baptized from seven churches, entering into a covenant with the Lord. Communion with the Lord was celebrated, as many friends, family and church family came to witness the event. Also nearby neighbors and boaters, which served to bring a testimony to the community.
This time of year marks the end of school for many students and the same is true for those graduating from the Novosibirsk Theological Seminary. UECB President, Peter Mitskevich arrived in Novosibirsk to be a part of the joyous commencement. He also went to different churches to visit the believers there and encourage them in the their ministries. All this took place from June 4-8, 2019.
With this motto, the Good Samaritan Rehab Center celebrated its 15th anniversary on the last Sunday in May, at the UECB church on Poklonnaya Hill in St. Petersburg. In 2004, this community supported the idea of Vladimir Yezhov in creating a rehabilitation service in the Leningrad Region, and on May 26, 2019 those involved in the "Good Samaritan" came here from all over Russia - from Kaliningrad to the Far East to rejoice in God’s good work and faithfulness.
From May 24-25, 2019, the 28th Congress of the All-Ukrainian Union the ECB took place in Kiev at their central church.
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