From September 11 to 19, 2021, at the UECB headquarters in Moscow, Russia, the next training module "Tools for Service" was held within the framework of the Youth Minister Training Program. Twenty brothers from the Urals, the Volga region, the South and Central Russia adopted the experience of serving from experienced ministers on such topics as:
From September 20 to 23, 2021, as part of the Year of Evangelism, a Personal Evangelism Training course will be held in Moscow.
The past year has been a real test for our churches. The ban on worship due to the Covid-19 pandemic has kept believers at home. Christians sorely lacked worship services and simple communication, let alone holding any major Conferences.
On July 28, 2021, a Reception was held in Moscow in honor of the arrival of the President of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association - Franklin Graham.
On Saturday, June 12, 2021, more than 50 women of all different ages took part in this regional gathering for growth and fellowship.
We are glad to present you a new issue from the "BIG BROTHER" video series! Today our special guest is Vitaly Bak - UECB Regional Pastor of the Siberian region, an active minister and just a good guy who, with warmth and openness, will tell us about his big family, about his desire to become a pastor from childhood, the army, ridicule at school, His knowledge of Christ, serving God since the age of 12, and much more.
On June 1, 2021, a somber yet joyful celebration at the UECB Moscow Bible Seminary (MBS) was held for the graduating class of 2021.
On May 8, 2021, in the church of the city of Stavropol, a regional youth conference was held called "Shining the True Light" (... because the darkness passes and the true light is already shining. 1 John 2:8).
In July 2021, Moscow will host a School of Evangelism, a symposium dedicated to practical issues of evangelism, by initiative of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists (UECB) and with the participation of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association.
On May 7 and 8, 2021, a youth conference was held in Tambov, for which the Acronym TYCMP has already become well known: Tambov Youth Conference of the Ministry "Provodnik" (Compass).
Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is a task that was the focus of the April outreach events in the Stavropol Territory (South Russia/North Caucasus) called “A Life Filled with the Gospel.”
On June 12, 2021, Voronezh will host the youth conference “Be like Daniel! The lessons of the prophet Daniel for Christians of our time.
We are pleased to present to you a new episode of "Big Brother"! Every month we try to open for you the riches that God has given to our brotherhood! Today we are talking with Viktor Zaitsev - a missionary by calling, a Levite at heart, and a pastor of pastors!
Scrolling through the report of the interrogation of Ivan Suzdalov on the computer screen. Names, surnames, dates, questions, answers - dry protocol language. And yet, behind them, the life of a person, his faith, experiences, suffering, dreams and aspirations opens up. Ivan Suzdalov - the first pastor of the Murmansk Baptist Church.
The past Leadership Summit 2021 gathered more than 320 ministers from 9 countries!
The Third National Youth Conference "Mission" in Yekaterinburg, took place on April 16-17, 2021, and gathered more than 350 young people from almost 50 cities of Russia.
In 2021, as part of the Year of Evangelism, on the 21st of every month, the Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists (UECB) prays and fasts for the Spiritual Awakening of Russia!
On April 8-9, 2021, Euro-Asian Federation of the UECB organized this conference, and leadership of the different Unions and Associations and representatives of the media from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia were invited to participate.
On April 10-11, 2021, a celebration of 135 years took place in UECB Grozny church. This date is special because during the Chechen wars (1990’s), the church scattered and there were no believers left, no services were held, and the House of Prayer was desolate.
Veniamin Levtsenyuk - a missionary, pastor, and regional overseer frankly talks about missions in the Far East, about the calling to vocational ministry, and what it means to be a real Christian in this new segment of our video project "Big Brother" with Pastoral wisdom.
From March 16 to March 18, 2021, a three day Council of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists was held in Moscow.
The evangelical and cultural community of Russia is going through mournful days, because on March 19, 2021, at the age of 71, Evgeny Goncharenko passed away.
In 2021, on the 21st of every month, the brotherhood of Russian Baptists are praying and fasting for the spiritual awakening of Russia! This month was dedicated to praying for the evangelism of children (Luke 18:16).
On March 6, 2021, a regional women's conference was held in Tver with the theme: "Life today in light of eternity."
On February 27, 2021, a conference for teachers of the Kaluga Region Sunday School was held in the city of Obninsk.
Each month we try to spend few minutes with a busy man with numerous responsibilities, one of which is the serving as the Russian Baptist Union president. Here Peter Mitskevich answers questions and shares his heart for Russia with the English-speaking world.
Here is a short video clip of Soloist Pavel Baransky, the Festival Symphony Orchestra, and Composer and conductor Yevgeny Goncharenko combining to create a wonderful evening of praise. Click below to watch!
We are glad to present a new segment of our "Pastoral Wisdom" video project! This time our questions are answered by Pyotr Walterovich Mitskevich, pastor of the Golgotha Church, Director of the Moscow Theological Seminary, and President of the Russian UECB Denomination.
There has been a lot of controversy lately about the coronavirus vaccine, so the UECB President Peter Mitskevich answered our questions about it.
A testimony from Sergei Naboychenko, Regional UECB Head Pastor of the Kaluga Region and local pastor.
The Youth Department is pleased to announce the launch of a new video series of lessons - the School of Evangelism
Today, more than ever, the church faces the enormous task of connecting generations that are distinguished from each other by worldview, information, agenda, technology and much more. In response to this need, the youth ministry is launching a new format of interviews with older big brother pastors, in order to help the new generation of Christians get to know the older generation better. We want to show how God formed, how He taught, how He influenced them, what decisions they made, and what situations they lived through. By this we will better understand the men we call “elders” in our churches.
Each month we try to a spend few minutes with a busy man with numerous responsibilities, one of which is the serving as the Russian Baptist Union president. Here Peter Mitskevich answers questions and shares his heart for Russia with the English-speaking world.
On January 19, 2021, in the UECB Moscow Central Baptist Church, 15 people entered into a Covenant with the Lord by water baptism. 14 people (10 sisters and 4 brothers) from Central Church and one sister from Novo-Tushenskaya Church. This was a special day for them as they made a promise to God with a good conscience.
On January 15, 2021, in the UECB Church "Transfiguration in Christ" a men’s prayer gathering took place. About 30 people gathered to give thanks, present requests, and praise to the Almighty God.
With uneasy feelings we wave goodbye to the year 2020. All of us went through a year of turmoil and anxiety due to the pandemic. This year, many families lost their loved ones, and some churches were separated from their ministers, who the Lord called home.
“And he said to them: “ Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15).
On December 17, 2020, the third All-Russian Forum “Law. Religion. State.” was organized by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Slavic Legal Center and the Russian Association for the Protection of Religious Freedom (RARS).
On November 26-28, 2020, a Church planters conference was held for the UECB Southern Region. It was led by the UECB Missions Department, with Mission Eurasia. The retreat was attended by 20 leaders who are building new communities in the southern region.
On November 14, 2020, in the village of Inozemtsevo (Stavropol Territory), a regional youth meeting took place on the topic: "The Biblical Image of a Man and a Woman."
Here is the recent installment from an interview with the ever-busy UECB President, Peter Mitskevich. He helps us to understand what’s going on in the Russian Christian world and how people in the west can be praying. Here’s the scoop on the Moscow Theological Seminary.
On the recent graduation at the UECB Training Center for the Tambov/ Lipetsk regions.
Syktyvkar Baptists have offered assistance to the Komi Ministry of Health. According to their website, they said they could donate the church building for coronavirus patients.
The Theological Seminary, a subsidiary of the Moscow Theological Seminary of Evangelical Christians-Baptists, invites you to a family education program.
An Interview with Alexander Belous, the head of the Addiction Rehab Center in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Every month we try to catch up with the UECB President, Peter Mitskevich to understand what’s going on in the Russian Christian world and how people in the west can be praying. Here’s the latest update on some recent major events.
Believers in the Komi Republic attribute their Covid response to the missionary works of Stephen of Perm with the conversion of the Komi-Zyryan tribes from paganism to Christ.
The Moscow Theological Seminary of UECB is announcing the recruitment for professional re-training program "Mission and Evangelism" for the years 2020-2023.
An Ekklesia conference will be held at UECB Central Church of St. Petersburg Sept 24-26th
At the end of September, UECB churches traditionally celebrate the Harvest Day. This colorful and instructive holiday attracts the attention of both believers and non-believers.
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