Novosibirsk Seminary Graduation

Novosibirsk Seminary Graduation

This time of year marks the end of school for many students and the same is true for those graduating from the Novosibirsk Theological Seminary. UECB President, Peter Mitskevich arrived in Novosibirsk to be a part of the joyous commencement. He also went to different churches to visit the believers there and encourage them in the their ministries. All this took place from June 4-8, 2019.

The churches of the Siberian region have a long rich history, and play an important role in the brotherhood of the Evangelical Christian Baptists of Russia. Together with the regional vice-president Vitaliy Bak, Mitskevich attended meetings with the city pastors and overseers in the region, seminary board meetings, and a conference for ministers, students and teachers held at the seminary. During the conference, American pastor/teacher, Dr. Daniel Blok covered the book of Deuteronomy - “the Gospel of Moses."

During this time, Seminary graduate candidates passed through final examinations and defended their diploma work. These brothers will minister, continuing the work of evangelism and the building up the Church of Christ. Praise God for the young people He has raised up, who have dedicated themselves to the service of Christ, His gospel, and the church!

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