“Much Prayer - Much Power” - Slavic Youth Conferene in the USA

“Much Prayer - Much Power” - Slavic Youth Conferene in the USA

In Minneapolis, MN, held on March 28-31, 2019, the third conference of Slavic Christian youth in North America was held. Young people and ministers of Slavic churches gathered to glorify the Lord and renew their relationship with the Savior.

The main theme of the congress was the words: “Much Prayer, Much Power!”  The supporting key text chosen was from the book of Jeremiah 33: 3. “Call to Me - and I will answer you.” The meeting was attended by leaders of the Slavic Unions of the North American Cultural Organization and church representatives from 39 countries. Every day, many prayers were raised to the Lord, wonderful sermons resounded - lessons on prayer. They prayed for a close relationship with God, for holiness, for peace - in their hearts, between nations, and local and national leaders.

About 4,000 young Christians took part in the congress. Hundreds participated in a prayer of repentance, renewing their relationship with Christ. The Russian UECB was represented by the President of the union, Peter V. Mitskevich, and the vice-president of the Southern Federal District, Viktor V. Levashov.

There were many meetings and strategic conversations that took place for God’s kingdom. Like the Lord’s disciples asked Him to teach them to pray, every Christian must constantly pray, ask for help, and not be discouraged. May our Shepherd, the Lord bless all the Slavic Christians as they return back to serve the Lord and not forget their earthly homeland and pray for it.

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