Celebration in Bashkortostan

Celebration in Bashkortostan

From November 3 to November 4, 2019, Ufa hosted festive events that united all the churches of the UECB in Bashkortostan.

On November 3, the Evangelical Christian Baptist Church "House of Prayer for All Nations" of Ufa celebrated its 120th anniversary. The Sunday worship service was attended by the UECB President, Peter Mitskevich and Vice Presidnet Victor Ignatenkov. Also in attendance was the President of the Council on State-Church Relations for the Republic of Bashkortostan, Azat Fattakhov, together with his VP. Fattakhov addressed the audience with a welcoming speech, congratulating the church on its 120th anniversary. It was noted that this UECB Church in Ufa is a reliable partner in social programs and in the fight against “Cancers of our society”, in which the church has proven a fruitful partner for many years. 

The pastor of the church, Nail Ayupov, who also serves as regional pastor for the UECB Bashkortostan churches, presented a video and a report on the history of the church. The history of the Ufa Church is filled with both glorious and tragic events. Many believers today remember the first sowers of the gospel message in Ufa, those who participated in building the church, despite the fact that this work was accompanied by arrests and sorrows. 

Congratulatory words accompanied a message by Peter Mitskevich, and united choirs of different Bashkortostan churches sang praises of God’s faithfulness. This first day ended with a traditional Bashkir rice meal called plove.  

The next day, festivities continued at the church and a rented hall in Ufa’s President Hotel. This year, the main theme of the cathedral was "Unity in Christ." It also celebrated the 130th anniversary of the Gospel in Bashkiria. An historical report was made by Mark Zhuk. Services were also attended by a the Presidential Advisor for the council of State-Confessional Relations from the country of Belarus, Ruslan  Karomyshev, who addressed the participants in the cathedral with a warm welcome. 

Sermons on the value and gospel-centeredness of unity were delivered by Viktor Ignatenkov and former regional pastor, Peter Zhuk. As on the previous day, everyone gathered with magnificent voices and were delighted by the combined choir. 

By the end of the celebration, no one wanted to go home. It was so nice to see such a big, warm family of God's children! 

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