New Season of Youth Ministry Training

New Season of Youth Ministry Training

On September 12-20, 2020, Moscow will host a new recruitment for the training program for youth leaders!

Details and application for training on the website:

The entire program consists of three trainings and one practical module:

  • Module #1 Biblical Strategy for Youth Ministry
  • Module #2 Pastorology will take place immediately after the conference Generation for Christ 2021 from February 8
  • Practical module will take place in St. Petersburg in late June-early July 2021
  • Module # 3 Organization of Youth Ministry will take place in September 2021

Youth Minister Training Program - what is it?

  • Each module is 9 days of immersion in the theory and practice of working with youth.
  • Taught by teachers with vast experience, who know what they are talking about, and, most importantly, love those they are talking about.
  • These will be new friends and partners in the field of ministry to co-labor together.
  • Comfortable living and learning conditions, as well as delicious food.
  • This is a tried and tested program that has been proven and proven to be effective since 2008!

Purpose of the Program

The training program places a special emphasis on the spiritual development of a youth leader as a pastor. Our aim to prepare dedicated youth ministry leaders who can organize a team of youth ministry leaders in every sphere, provide insight into the principles of counseling and mentoring, and educate and provide ideas for creative evangelism to today's generation of youth.

Authors and teachers of this Program

The program was developed by the Youth Department of the Russian UECB together with our regional youth ministry coordinators which represent many decades of experience in youth ministry, both in the local church and in the region and larger districts. At the end of each session, students, under the guidance of mentors, plan their personal and spiritual development for ministry in the light of the knowledge and practical lessons gained during the session.

Who is this Program for?

This program is intended for youth pastors / ministers and youth ministry teams in local churches. The goal of the program is to really help each student personally, together with the elders of the church, in creating a God-centered and effective youth ministry in the place where he works.

Feature of our Program

This is NOT a borrowed program from someone else; NOT translated from English but is the fruit of the experience and work of the best youth leaders in Russia. Thus, this program is fully adapted to the Russian cultural reality of life and thought, and does not need to be adjusted on the spot.

Do you want to bring the Gospel to this new generation and educate it for Christ? Come study!

Details and application for training on the website



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